Oak site of crystal glass in the style of Goebbels

I offer a beautiful pre-war hunch Gebels with the possibility of suspension, which will be a decoration of your home. Presented raiser has undergone renovation. Supplemented losses veneers, here and there podklejono protruding pieces. The whole is made of stained and varnished. Noteworthy beautiful crystal glass with the cutter on the edges. Windows are located in the door and two glass walls on the sides. The castle is fully functional and includes a small key. The whole has a simple structure and add charm carvings on the edges of the back panel.

Dimensions collars is about 189cm wide, 37cm deep and about 76cm in height. Sam cabinet glass has a dimension of 110cm in width and about 33cm deep. Inside the cabinet there is one shelf extending over the entire width.

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Dębowa witryna przedwojenna w stylu Goebels



oak top section of a crystal glass, a dresser Goebbels