Industrial oak bedroom set

I offer a bedroom set made of solid oak. The kit consists of a 4-door wardrobe and 2 bedside tables.

Furniture was covered with oil, which was to preserve the natural character of the wood. For this purpose, I used oil „raw wood”. I received a beautiful four-door wardrobe and 2 bedside cupboards in the color of natural oak.

The cabinet is divided into two parts 4 are hidden behind the door. Behind the first door is part of the 3 shelves. The remaining 3 doors conceal part of the rod for hanging and shelf at the top. Cabinet dimensions are 180cm high, 160cm wide, 62cm deep.

The set we have 2 bedside tables. They are 59cm high, 45cm wide and 32cm deep. Tables have opened the door opposite, so that we can easily put them on both sides of the bed. Each has a drawer and cubby equipped with a shelf.

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Oak Wardrobe 4-door with solid oak cupboards and 2 night