Age wardrobe / hanger with mirror

I offer a unique, age wardrobe / hanger with a mirror and umbrella holder.

Furniture is 199cm tall with a crown and a maximum width of 79cm. The mirror has a dimension of 40cm to 66cm, and starts the height of 134cm. Mounted mirror has a delicate marks on the surface (abrasion), but they do not cause loss of function of the mirror.

Noteworthy shelf with a depository located under the mirror. It has a dimension of 37cm wide and 15cm deep. Height is 13cm. At the bottom of the garment it is an umbrella stand with a metal container at the bottom for collecting water from umbrellas. On the sides there are 4 double hangers for clothes. At the top shelf for small additions (scarves, hats, caps, gloves, etc.). The crown is applied to wooden dowels. The back mirror are the tag for securing clothing to the wall.

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Antique dressing room into the hallway with a mirror